Re-proposal System

A web system that allows insurance agents to request policy changes for their clients.

My RoleUser Survey, User Interview, Usability Testing, Interaction Design

Team:  Jiahao Zhou, Jiarui Hu, Isabella Zhou, SJ Yoon, Xian Shi, Anne Lee 

Tools:  Figma

Duration: 3 Months

Context: Cornell UX Capstone Project, B2B Product



The insurance company must provide a proposal when selling an insurance policy and generate re-proposals at the request of clients per regulations. However, the current system that the agents were using would be out of service and no longer support any further operations. 

Therefore, our team was tasked with developing a policy re-proposal front-end interface that complies with modern web standards, as well as designing and implementing a prototype that covers the major functions of the old system for helping agents generate policy changes for their clients.

"How might we re-create an insurance re-proposal system that could also facilitate agents working performance?"


This is a project that the Cornell MPS Team cooperated with a territorial insurance company in the United States (due to the clients' request, the company's name will not show in this case study). 

Cornell team designed a web interface that meets the re-proposal needs of an insurance policy. The system helps insurance agents to generate re-proposals at the request of clients' current policy per regulation . The programming side of the team then helped develop the front-end interface that complies with modern web standards.


In this project, I successfully led the user research process and manage the overall project deliverable with other Cornell students with design and programming background. I created user interview protocals, designed wireframes, and interactive prototype for user feedback & testings.