First, thank you for visiting my site : )


I am Jiahao Zhou, a recent graduate of Cornell University. My journey in design started with participating in an eye-tracking research back when I was an undergraduate psychology student. Since then, I found my passion in user research and experience design. During my graduate study at Cornell, I began to focus my study on Human Interaction & UX Design and honed my skills in the field by involving in multiple business & school projects. Most recently, I have worked as a Freelance designer and designed a responsive website and helped my clients boost their audience traffic to over 20K visits during the product launch.

I am also a video game enthusiast and a tennis fan! The game I am playing currently is "Control" and my favorite tennis player is Diego Schwartzman! I also designed a mobile game called Candy Heist with my Cornell Peers, feel free to download it if you want to give it a try!

If you are interested in any of my work, feel free to drop me an email